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List of Videos From Ryan Coote and Kitesurfireland.



My Eyes.


Charging Up


 How good is kitesurfing in Ireland?



 Chasing Rainbows 11/017



Celtic Prayers



If Ozone did birthdays.



Children of the Sun



Light into Darkness



The Voice inside my head. 



The Mission is on.






light of Day 



Ozone Edge V8






Kitesurfing Crab Island 



A Controlling High



Getting High with the Ozone Edge V8



Temperature Rising.



 Most wanted. 



Fine Lines .



 Peachy Peniche Ozone Reo.



Two Face



Introducing Ozones Reo



Rolling with the wind



Hard Learning





Winter Showing for Real 



Kitesurfing Hurricane Katia Ireland.



Loose the Straps



Clare Point Break.



 Rhinos Wave Charge



Surfing Waves with a kite.



Down the lines.



Ryan Coote KSP report



Rock Island 


Ryan Getting Busted



A quick Foreward.



Mossies Kitesurfing











Charging up.



Ask yourself this question. And be sure to answer honestly.

What do you get charged up from? What gives you energy?

Think about it positively.
Maybe the question should be: What brings out the best in you?
If you can't be honest with yourself when you're answering these questions, you won't be honest with anyone else.
Does the world around you give you energy? Or take it away?

What gives me energy?
A combination of things that have changed a bit over time.
I call the main ones the 3 Fs:
Family. Food. Friends. Swiftly following is the Ocean where I live with all it generously provides me with Surfing. Kitesurfing. Spearfishing. 
Helping to grow organic food is almost as important as the air. Your body is hungry and grateful for both.

Cherish every moment and live as if it is your last.
Choose to take positives out of every situation (there are always some) and hold on to them and watch them grow.

I am so grateful to live where I do and have the support of my family and friends. Without them, it wouldn't be worth it.
Ryan Coote 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supported by
The universal energy.

At the start of the day that the winds and waves decide.


Map of Kitesurfing Locations

Lesson Locations

  • IMG 1408
  • rossnowlagh
  • IMG 1312
  • 20120718-IMG 7326
  • 20111223-IMG 5886
  • IMG 0180
  • Brandon Bay is one of the stunning locations I use
  • Rossnowlagh Beach County Donegal
  • Scragganne - a safe location for lessons with flat water and plenty of space
  • No waves no problem.Freestyle fun at dumps Brandon bay.
  • Great evening session at Mossies Reef brandon bay.
  • Tom doing a kitesurfing Intro lesson Brandon Bay.