Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding hire and rental Ireland

Rent or Hire Kitesurfing Gear in Ireland

  • Why?

    1.You cant bear the thought of hauling your kite gear through airports.( who can blame you airports dont make it easy or cheap) and there is always the chance that it wont even turn up or worse turn up damaged.


    2.You just can't decide which kite or board to bring. Need advice just ask!

    3. You spotted a killer forecast that you are going to fly in, and you need gear to use for a few days. If so call us or drop an email and we can sort you out for everything: Airport pick up, B@B, kite gear rental - the lot.

    4.You can't fit it in after everything has been packed into the car or camper for the family. Wink

    5.Maybe you are just heading away for the weekend with your mates and your kites are damaged or you may need a smaller or bigger kite or board to guarantee quality time on the water. Or maybe you just want to try out a board design.

    6.You want to give a kite or board a good testing with thought of buying it. If you rent it you get your rental cost off the new price of new gear, when you buy the gear within 2 weeks of rental.

    The solution? Rent kitesurfing equipment !


  • Here are our rental rates for 2019

    Kite Rental

    If you can kite upwind we offer you the possibility to rent all the equipment. It helps if you can show IKO certification (or other: IKU, FKI, FISN, etc. ...) We rent all the equipment you need, from the kite to wetsuit. Our kites are the latest products, all sizes from 5 up to 17m. We have freestyle boards of all sizes, small and large, twintip new school, freestyle and freeride. We also have directionals, strapless or with straps...from 5'4''to 6'3''.


     EQUIPMENT 1/2 DAY (3 hours) 
    1 DAY (6 hours)
    Board 20 € 40 €
    Kite and bar 40 € 70 €
    Kite, bar and board 65 € 90 €
    Kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness, lifejacket and helmet  75 € 120 €




  • You have 3 simple options

    1. We can post it to you, wherever you are staying: be it a hotel or a B/B or a house in the country
    2. You can pick it up from us here in Kerry. 
    3. If you would like to demo a kite or board for an hour or two, follow the same procedure. (Demos are not lessons: they are for people who are interested in buying kitesurfing gear.)

    Discounts on Rental Rates

    • We offer 10% discount on rentals for people who book 3 weeks in advance.
    • We offer 50% discount on rental if you are attending a tour or course run by Kitesurf Ireland.


Map of Kitesurfing Locations

Lesson Locations

  • IMG 1408
  • rossnowlagh
  • IMG 1312
  • 20120718-IMG 7326
  • 20111223-IMG 5886
  • IMG 0180
  • Brandon Bay is one of the stunning locations I use
  • Rossnowlagh Beach County Donegal
  • Scragganne - a safe location for lessons with flat water and plenty of space
  • No waves no problem.Freestyle fun at dumps Brandon bay.
  • Great evening session at Mossies Reef brandon bay.
  • Tom doing a kitesurfing Intro lesson Brandon Bay.